About menus

You’ll find on this website of the typical menus realized from seasonal produce.

We can also, during our first meeting to determine together an orientation to give to your dinner.

Then I send you my proposals and you choose.

Allowing exception, food or other diet, the same menu compound of the same dishes will be served to the set of your guests. I can also propose you vegetarian menus, or realised from stemming products exclusively of the organic farming or completely gluten free.


Green asparagus cream soup

Trout filet almond and sea grass crust

Strawberry baba

Camargue red rice in salad, with fennel and mussels

Navarin d’agneau (lamb stew) in Uzès beer

Lemon and red berries cream



Small brandade cream pie, red pepper coulis

Red mullet fish filet and ventrèche (dried pork belly), and fennel aïoli (garlic sauce)

Crunchy smelting chocolates

Parmesan flan, sage and rosemary brew

Pork cheeks braised sesame and coriander

Rhubarb and ginger crumble



Surprise appetizer

Codfish ceviche, gardener tartar

Monkfish saffron sauce, and germinated seeds

Foamy and creamy black chocolate mixture milk jam ice-cream

Surprise appetizer

Shrimp cooked with  anise and capers

Piccata of veal in pecan nuts

Raspberry tiramisu