Event catering services

Except the family meetings for particular events or simply for pleasure.

I propose.

Wherever in France or abroad ( conditional sale)


Travailler une pâte

Custom-made services

For your professional seminaries(seminars), working meetings.

It is not rare that I move for several days on sites equipped with cookings(kitchens) put at the disposal for the daily preparation of meals adapted to your tastes, to your expectations(waits) and as far as my possibilities in your budget.

Services in guest houses

Recipes(Receipts) realized on the spot from local products, a memory(souvenir) furthermore to register in the journey diary of your customers of passages and a personalized note(mark) added to your house.

Services for catering

For a shooting, a concert, a representation, a delivery of a cold buffet, a guarantee of a quality kitchen, comforting and friendly. For any other demands contact me.