Home cooking lesson 

About cooking lessons.

Courts based on simple and reproducible culinary bases.

Some practical examples approached in every court on the basis of an entrance and on the basis of a hot dish or on the basis of a hot dish and on the basis of a dessert

  • Choice of a product
  • Cuts of vegetables
  • Cookings Base of sauce and reductions
  • Cuts of meats and fishes
  • Cookings Implementation of a small service
  • Plating
  • Tasting
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Cours de cuisine montpellier nîmes
cours de cuisine, patisserie à domicile


Lessons individual, 120€ + purchases

Lessons for two 75€/person + purchases

Lesson for three 55€/person+ purchases


Cost variable purchase according to your choices of menus

Coût achat variable selon vos choix de menus

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You wish to receive and to cook you even a great classic for your friends in all simplicity around a good bottle.

(Six people minimum)

I assist you in the realization of the main course, pulled from the directory of our culinary heritage.

From Waterzooi to  Bouillabaisse, from  kig-ar-faz to boles de picolat….


From 40€ a person dish ready to serve, purchases included for a minimum of six people

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cours de cuisine à domicile